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Tru-log siding

Tru-Log Siding

How It Works

Onward Log Home's unique manufacturing process utilizes the entire log, including the full log end. By utilizing Tru-Log siding, coping the logs so that they overlap, retaining the full log ends and notching the ends to enable corner stacking, you have all of the elements that create the outward appearance of an actual log home.

Easy to use...
No Heavy Equipment Tru-Log siding is available in diameters of 8, 9 and 10 inches. This ensures a manageable weight so that it can be lifted into place without the use of a crane or other heavy equipment. Additional sizes available by special order.

No Preset Order of Assembly...
Tru-Log siding is manufacured from logs that have been lathed to a constant diameter. There is no need to install pieces in a predetermined sequence in order to ensure a level surface.

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