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Dry standing timber

When choosing Logs for our Homes,Cabins and Half-Log Siding we look for Pine and Spruce beetle killed logs in our forests.

The beetles that kill the trees have always been in the forests of British Columbia but have reached Epidemic proportions in recent decades.

We harvest the dead dry standing logs by selecting them from the healthy Green trees in the logging process. This significantly reduces the fire hazard and allows the Green trees to have full access to sunlight to be able to grow healthier.

Where the forests are completely devastated by the beetle epidemic,seedlings are replanted to ensure a healthy forest for future generations.

By selecting our logs from this process we insure every log used in an Onward Log Home,Cabin or our Half-Log Siding is Dry,stable and will not shrink like other methods of Log construction.

This leads to reduced Log shrinkage around doors and windows and the dry logs allow less heat loss through the walls.

Our clients then can take pride knowing the logs in their Onward Log Home,Cabin or their Half-Log siding are an Environmentally-friendly, safe,stable building product.

Full Length Logs in an Onward Log Home or Cabin

Simply, a full length log not only looks better than a number of logs butt jointed together to achieve a certain length, it works better.

Butt jointed log walls will potentially allow air infiltration to filter between the joined logs which reduces the energy efficiency of your log home. Also the possibility of one log holding a log above from settling naturally into place may occur.

By understanding the natural beauty and the structural advantages of a full length log home, Onward Log Homes only produces log home structures using full length logs. This eliminates butt joints and creates a log home that will remain aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound for generations to come.

Full weight bearing Swedish cope

The Full Weight Bearing Swedish Cope is a term used to describe the groove or "fit" between each log, one on top of the other. The full weight bearing Swedish Cope is a tried and true technique which when used with quality dry house logs greatly reduces the amount of settling that may be experienced. The full weight bearing cope allows each log to fit tightly to the log below resulting in a "fit" that that will not have to settle down in order to fit tightly. In addition to the snug fitting cope, we add a foam gasket between each log for its entire length and securely fasten each log to the log below with approved fasteners approximately every four feet. This not only creates a very structurally sound log home, it also provides an energy efficient log home that will withstand the harshest environments.

Precision saddle notch

The Round Saddle Notch is precisely cut near the end of each wall log creating the corner. This notch perfectly compliments the diameter of the log beneath resulting in a precision fit. This precision fit is also used for upright posts and is referred to as a Post Notch. Loft beams, joists and log roof components also share this precision cut round notch.

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